Creating My 63rd Year

by Lyn Foley on January 26, 2008

I re-posted this in 2009 – and lost the beginning of this old 2008 post. but here is the original goal list:

  1. Finish building our new house by July, 2008
  2. Move into our new house by August,2008
  3. Sell the house we are living in now by December 2008 .
  4. Be accepted into the rest of the art shows I have applied to for 2008
  5. Meet my sales goals for 2008
  6. Finish re-writing my book, Go Anyway, A Memoir, by March 2008
  7. Publish my book Go Anyway before the end of 2008
  8. Fix the hot tub so that it works, and I can enjoy using it everyday.
  9. Have  daily quiet time with Jim .
  10. Do one thing every week  day just for me managed.
  11. Visit Marfa, Texas
  12. Go on a vacation in a warm place with a beach and nice water for swimming.
  13. Maintain my weight at 125 pounds
  14. Develop one new successful venue for selling my lampwork creations.
  15. Make 75 beads that I am happy with each week.
  16. Create 10 items of jewelry that I am satisfied with each week
  17. Take at least one entire afternoon each week off work to do something totally unrelated to lampworking and jewelry making.
  18. Each week tell someone in my life that I love them, and thank you
  19. Tell Jim every day thank you, and that I love him
  20. Double the amount of money we have in savings.
  21. Plant a vegetable garden.
  22. Plant a flower garden. !
  23. Landscape our new house.
  24. Build and put up a bat house.
  25. Win a contest
  26. Play scrabble with my sister once a month
  27. Learn something new


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Anonymous January 27, 2008 at 7:04 pm


Thanks for the invite to your Blog. I love your beads and have quite a few collections including a pair of Leaf and Sterling earrings I bought a couple of years ago at the Austin Bead Bazaar. I missed last years Bazaar and what I missed most was visiting your booth. Hope to see more of your beads this year.

Julie Vasquez
San Antonio, Texas

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