Up all Night

by Lyn Foley on January 30, 2008

Last night was one of those nights – couldn’t sleep, couldn’t read, it was too late to make any beads – the kiln was on its down cycle anyway, slowly cooling what I made yesterday.

So what’s my problem? Mostly, can’t get the house we are building, or planning to build off my mind. Nothing is going right: contractors are either not calling back, not showing up as planned, or giving us bids that are two to three times more money than we anticipated. At this point it looks like we can’t afford to build, -and, foolishly, we  poured money into the project before all the bids were final. We’ve already built a drive, cleared the site, put in electricity, dug a well, built a garage slab, and the pad for the house.

I feel stuck, and the worry about what to do is sapping my energy and attention. Should we just give up on the entire idea – cut our loses and run? We’re not ones to give up, so maybe we can come up with a different design that won’t cost as much, but will still work on the site.

Why are we building a new house anyway? We have a perfectly good one as it is. Well, we want a better studio. My lampworking bench, and Jim’s casting and buffing equipment are all tucked into a section of what was supposed to be the garage, but is really the storage area for all the yard tools, riding mower, table saw, recycling bins, trash bins, etc., etc.  The second half of our studio (where we make and finish the jewelry) is inside the house, in what was supposed to be a guest bedroom. So we don’t  have a guest room,  and overnight visitors  have to sleep on an air mattress on the floor of the studio/office. We’ d  really like a garage, a separate studio, and a guest bedroom, plus a few other bits and pieces we have in mind. But the price estimates exceed our budget by $30,000 – and they’re not even all in yet!

After one of the possible contractors left today, Jim and I spent  the afternoon going over figures,  trying to find ways to cut costs.  Finally we  gave up, went out and sat in the hot tub, and stared at the trees.

My birthday was last Saturday, Jim’s 60th birthday is this Friday, and we haven’t celebrated either yet. We decided to put all decisions on hold, and treat our selves to a trip to Marfa  (one of my goals for 2008) this weekend.  We’ll have some much needed time off together, a chance to be inspired by all the works of art and architecture we’ve heard about in Marfa, maybe see the famous lights, and clear our heads in some different air. All the worry and decisions about  the house can just wait ’til Monday.

Meanwhile, here’s a bead I made that’ll wait until Monday too, and then I’ll find it a home in a piece of jewelry.


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