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2013 – A Very Good Year

by Lyn Foley on February 7, 2008

I’m not that old, really, just 63 – but still, according to  statistics, and current thinking, I am “over the hill”. When I look in the mirror I see a face that sometimes gives even me a start -all those wrinkles and that double (triple?) chin cannot possibly be mine. I’ve adopted the attitude of Jack Benny ( Who even remembers him !!???) “I’m still 39.”

Well, on the good days, I do feel 39, and my neighbors  say I act like it, especially when dancing in downtown Round Top in the middle of the street on a Friday night, out in front of the Wine Shop. Honestly, though, I’m counting my blessings. I have no known diseases, and all of my teeth. My eyes are suffering though, – in order to make beads I wear special glasses, and I’ve given up caffeine to keep my hands steady. I discovered lampworking rather late in life, relatively speaking, so I consider myself lucky to be doing what I love so very much at all. So, when a site I recently joined posed the following challenge, I chimed in with this blog.

Here is the question from “Flaming Hot”:

“You fall asleep and think you are dreaming.  But really, you have just traveled through time forward five years.  What does your glass world look like?  Blog it!” 

My reply:

In 2013 I’m a famous glass artist, and a well-known writer. My book, “Go Anyway” has been published, and is selling well. The success of my memoir has allowed me complete freedom in my life as an artist, and I have created wonderful new beads, and stupendous pieces of jewelry. I’ve been showing my  glass work in the Smithsonian Craft Shows, and the American Craft Council shows. I’ve honed my lampworking techniques, and as an American elder, at age 68, I’m  vibrant, active, healthy, very much alive, and my eyesight is still good. I’m acknowledged as an innovative lampwork artist, and make a very good living from my endeavors.

My husband and I have been living in the house we built back in 2008 for about five years, and my studio is filled with glass of all colors, my kiln, my torches, my beautiful clean bench – and of course, all the beads I make on a daily basis. My husband Jim is also alive, vibrant, and enjoying his partnership with me in life and in artistic pursuits. He continues to create wonderful silver settings for my beads, and make his own designs. Life is good, fun, and full of artistic challenges.

In five years, 2013, I’m lovin’ the glass, lovin’ my life, and joyful to  be around  to see another century!


Here’s a necklace I finished today – two glass beads I made, on an oxidized sterling silver bale made by Jim.


green oxidized necklace

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