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writing it down – or the list is working!

by Lyn Foley on February 11, 2008

I’ve believed in writing down my goals for a long time – ever since I was 8 years old and my father (bless his soul) taught me how to create a business plan. If I could write down what I wanted to buy, he’d give me the money (mostly).

Anyway,  I wrote down my goals for 2008, and lo and behold, a lot  items on my list have or are already happening. Yahoo!

We did go to Marfa, and what an inspiration that was – all the way from the drive through the west Texas landscape, to seeing the art of Donald Judd, and others. Even the motel room (Thunderbird Hotel) was fun and staying in the minimalist room shifted my perspective. And the Texas sky, the sky – oh, I love the big sky like I love the sea and the ocean. It made me long for both. But never mind, I came home, and got onto the house project, and now, good grief, we have a builder, and are even getting a better house than we had imagined just a few days before our weekend mini-vacation. Signed a contract, and everything.  We’ll be building a”barndominium” as  Texan’s call a big metal building,  with a house inside. We’ve created a sculpture  you’ll  walk through  to enter the front door – it’ll stretch up 20 feet and outline our own piece of the big sky. Out studio, under the same roof, will have its own separate entrance. Oh, we are excited at last!! And scheduled to start building in about a month, for real.

Meanwhile, I’ve made lots of beads, played scrabble with my sister, soaked daily in the repaired hot tub, enjoyed quiet times with Jim, told several people I love them, and completed or continued to make progress toward other items on my goals list. Have been accepted to a new show that I really wanted to get into. Have been good to myself most every day (including getting my teeth cleaned today – is that good or bad?)

Writing it down does work – looks like it from here.


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