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by Lyn Foley on March 6, 2008

Inspiration shows up on my doorstep in  different guises. The current muse is the fundraising gala for the Round Top Family Library. The fundraiser is very important, because the library is entirely dependent on donations. As I mentioned here,  giving a piece of my handmade jewelry raises more money than I could contribute in cash. Last year I donated a necklace to the silent auction, and it whipped up a nice sum for the pool. Meanwhile, though, I wore this necklace to the gala. (Jim made the scorpion, and I made the bead to look like a “rock”), scorpion necklace

During the evening, I got a lot of comments on how much people liked what I was wearing.   At the last minute we decided to donate it , and the auctioneer tucked it into the live auction at the end. Wow, it was a big hit, the bidding was heavy, and the scorpion necklace raised a lot of money for our precious library.

So this year, we’ve been invited to donate a “Big Ticket” item for the Live Auction. Instead of taking something from my regular inventory, Jim and I are making a piece just for the Auction. It needs to be a real knockout, since we want it to raise at least $1,000. We started hatching ideas a couple of weeks ago. We decided it will be a necklace, and it will have a combination of Jim’s metal work and my lampwork beads. We started by sketching ideas (my notebook on the left, Jim’s on the right.)

sketching sketching


Jim made a centerpiece out of silver, with leaves and a ruby bud. I played around with some pearls and glass beads I already had on hand to see what colors we liked. In the process  I eliminated some of the choices ( its not going to be green pearls!).

silver center silver center with green perls


I’ve been making hollow beads in different colors all week, and worked up this necklace, with some ruby red bubbles: silver center with rubies

We like the necklace a lot, but it is just not that much of a knockout. So it will go into stock for our next show, and we are still working on something even more spectacular for the library.  We’re not quite finished with the final necklace, but we’ll post a picture of our creation here on my blog when its done. If you perchance love it, would like to own it, and have all the money you pay go to a very good cause, just let me know. I’m sure we can work out a way for you to be in on the bidding.

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