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Catching Up – Revisited

by Lyn Foley on May 6, 2008

I’m a little behind on my blog – well – maybe a LOT behind. The weeks are flying  by, and I’m grabbing tail feathers, dragging along for the ride. Whee!  After our show in Houston at the Bayou City Art Festival, we drove home, and I wrote  about orders, running on a hamster treadmill, and trying to calm down. The calming down part worked a little bit – until we hit the road again for a show in Tallahassee.  Driving I-10 across Texas, Louisiana, and Florida was a L-O-N-G haul, especially towing a trailer, and paying $3.50 a gallon for gas along the way.  We made it though, and came home with a little bit of money in our pockets. Not nearly enough for the effort, so I don’t think Florida will see us again anytime soon.

This past weekend we finished another show (nearby in Fayetteville) and I’m working on orders again. Meanwhile, at the Round Top Library fundraiser last  Saturday, May the 3rd, the necklace Jim and I created sold for $900! We were really pleased, and with funds matched by benefactor Sterling McCall, it added $1,800 to the library kitty. The entire event raised about $173,000 – WOW! A big thank you to everyone who worked so long and hard on the event, and all the many people who contributed in so many ways.

Lyn at Library

Here I am showing off the necklace to a potential bidder (Friend Randy took the picture with his cell phone – a little blurry, but you get the idea.). And here is the final necklace ( off now with its new owner):



Both of the Galleries that represent my work are steadily selling my pieces, and I’m also finishing orders for them both, so what with this, and what with that, I’m swamped.

Did I mention that the house contractors have started building???So will you forgive me for my lack of attention to the blog? And “Flaming Hot” says “What does your web site do for you?” – Well, its does a great deal for me, which is good, and bad – not bad really, just challenging. While I was down in Houston at the Bayou City Art Festival I sold two items off my web site. Luckily, using my laptop, I checked my site at the end of the day – but oops, I had also sold those same items during the show. Since every thing we make is one of a kind, I had to write some embarrassing notes to the customers -  and remade similar items for them later.

Also, several people came into my booth, toting numbers and prices and pictures they had gleaned from my web site,  and were ready to buy. GREAT – pre-sold – Suits me.

So, learning my lesson, prior to the Tallahassee show, I posted a note on the site saying that the items might sell from at the show. Posting the warning worked, and after I got home I sold a necklace that no one in Florida had purchased. Great! Sales while away, and sales from the site.

My site also keeps me in the public eye, and is a reference point for customers who have purchased previously, and want to buy again, or order matching earrings, or whatever. The site  keeps me on my toes (hopefully) – prodding me to update what is new, what is fresh – and to write this blog, keeping you informed about what I am doing.

Ah, if only I could really catch up ————————

So, for tonight, here’s the latest – not even priced, not even posted, but pretty, eh????????

necklace with black perls

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Austin Maloney May 18, 2008 at 9:02 pm

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