The Next Verse

by Lyn Foley on July 15, 2008

I’m sitting here tonight after a day at the torch – so glad to have made beads today.  I love torching. I am in touch with my creativity, at home, in my skin again. Orders challenge me – especially earring pairs. I must make at least three beads, sometimes more, to get two that I am happy with as a “pair”. It’s fine though, since the extras will go into a bracelet, or a necklace.

Anyway, home from Rockport -  whew!!  That  show was a challenge. The first day, July 5th, started off easily enough, with lots of traffic, sales, and excitement. By 4 PM the traffic  eased off, and Jim and I sat down, took a breath, and looked at the sky. Hmm!! A little bit of dark clouds. As we talked to our neighbors about the weather forecast, the temperature dropped dramatically. We decided to batten down the tarps we had and clip them together. Just about the time we got that done, the wind picked up big time, and BLEW!! RAIN! WIND! STORM!!

Thank goodness some customers who were in our booth helped us hold the tarps and save our jewelry. As the wind blew and the rains poured down, we  rushed to get our displays and jewelry onto the ground to protect the glass beads from the dangerous winds. Putting  our jewelry low down worked, but some artists didn’t fair as well, and  had losses of merchandise and tents and more.  A few of our displays were destroyed, and we got a good soaking as well.

The boobie prize: All of our glass jewelry got washed, thanks to the  blowing rain. We took the jewelry, soaking wet, back to our hotel room, and laid it out to dry. A lot of good that did, since the storm had knocked out the power, and we had no lights, no air conditioning, and worse, no way to take a shower or cook any food. Oh, well, by 10 PM, the power came back, the jewelry and displays began to dry,  we  heated up some soup, and recovered.  We and the jewelry were a little worse for wear, but, luckily we had no broken or damaged  jewelry – just water and condensation inside my bubble beads.

Sunday morning the artists and the show promoters had a meeting. It was still raining and overcast – outlook, glum. But after a vote, about half the artists said “The show must go on!”  We were in the half that stayed, and thank you to all the customers who did show up on Sunday in spite of iffy weather. We sold some more  jewelry, – AND  were awarded: “Best of Category – Glass”

Thank you again, for jurors votes, customer votes, – and votes from the weather gods. We made it home safely, and are now getting ready to do it all over again in Ruidoso, New Mexico. Let the weather gods rain or shine, we’ll be dry and cool inside the Ruidoso Convention center. I’ll  post some  preview photos of my new goodies  in a few days.

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