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After the Hurricane

by Lyn Foley on September 13, 2008

We live about 150 miles inland from Galveston, Texas where Hurricane Ike made landfall early this morning.  I’ve been watching the news and weather reports about the storm for the last two days, and my heart goes out to all the thousands of people whose homes, lives and property have been severely affected by this huge hurricane.

The predictions and warnings started coming in via television radio, and newspapers at least five days ago. Forecasts put Round Top directly in Ike’s path, so yesterday Jim and I followed some of the broadcast advice and got to work. We bought extra ice and stockpiled water in case we lost power. The ice  would save our perishable food. The water we could drink  or use to flush our toilets, since our well needs electricity to power the water pump.  We stored our deck furniture and plants  inside, charged our cell phones, prepared our battery powered lantern and flashlights, and cooked a  big macaroni and vegetable salad.

Our new house is under construction next door. Since  winds might blow at up to 65 MPH, we stuffed the lightweight building materials from the job site into our garage – we didn’t want to take any chances with flying insulation. The builder lashed down the sheet metal.

The storm didn’t come our way after all. Ike veered more to the east, leaving Round Top with only a bit of extra wind and some rain. But we were prepared, due  to all the early warnings. Tomorrow I’ll put the furniture back on the deck, clean out the garage, and turn on my torch again and make beads.

The day after won’t be nearly as easy for so many others – Ike  left a lot of damaged property in his wake.   The strength of this storm could have killed thousands, like the 1900 Galveston hurricane did – but  thanks to early warnings and evacuations, very few lives (if any) were lost.

Property can be rebuilt or recovered – lives can’t. So thank you all the people in Texas who worked on getting the word out, and keeping so many safe – a big thank you. And Ike – Good riddance! I’m glad you’re gone.

P.S. I took the picture of the copper rain lilies after I ventured out into our field after Ike passed over.

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Linda Teddlie Minton September 23, 2008 at 4:43 am

Hi Lyn, I remembered that you are building a “barndominium”, but didn’t realize it is in Round Top! Exactly the area where I plan to build mine, we might be neighbors some day!

Would you contact me privately if you get a chance?
Linda in Houston

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