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by Lyn Foley on September 3, 2008

I’ve made several changes in my business this week. First and foremost, after a lot of wavering over the last year, I’ve decided to offer my work wholesale to more galleries than just the two that currently represent my work ( The Gallery at Round Top and design|works). Retail shows are  so difficult for me and Jim to physically handle. I love them, I love seeing old customers, and meeting new ones – and of course I love all the favorable reaction to my work – but I need an easier way to sell.

So, I applied to  wholesalecrafts.com, and am now a new member. (If you are a retailer, and would like to join, please e-mail me at beads at cvtv dot net.). I’m sorry, non- retail buyers can only see the front page, since the site is for gallery owners, museum shop buyers, etc. to buy directly from  U.S.A. artists.

I’ll still be selling at retail shows, but my goal is to develop gallery accounts, and by next year prune my show schedule  from fourteen shows a year down to six. A lot of buyers have looked at my page since I joined a few days ago, but no one has placed an order – yet! I’m ready to go though, and did a “Test Case” over the last two weeks, pretending to fill an order for eight necklaces I’ve listed. I needed to be sure I could make them all in  less than  three weeks. I could, and I did. So, come on out, you gallery owners, I’m primed and ready.

I’ve taken one other step, and closed my retail shop on etsy. It is a terrific web site, where thousands of artists offer  handmade wares for sale. But since February  I’ve made only seven sales.   etsy is probably not right for me -  I simply don’t have  low  price point items, and I think I was lost in the maze of thousands of shops. I also wasn’t willing to sacrifice what little Internet time I have to join etsy clubs, post in forums, and tweak  multiple pictures for every item on offer.

You, my lurking readers ( I know you’re there) can still buy from me on line. Just follow my portfolio link and send me an e-mail about what you want.  Without etsy, I’ll be  catching up with posts of new work on my own site. In fact, here’s a “Dancing Bubbles Necklace” Jim and I made just last week. Set with a custom sterling silver bale, sterling silver head-pins – and six of my sparkly hollow beads. All on a multi strand stainless steel cable.


Dancing Bubbles Necklace

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