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Creating My 64th Year

by Lyn Foley on January 17, 2009

I haven’t posted since November 2008. No excuses, just what happened. I did get out a snail mail letter to friends. I haven’t really looked back at my 2008 goals though, so let’s see what happened to my list: :

  1. Finish building our new house by July, 2008 – The house is still under construction.
  2. Move into our new house by August,2008  We hope to be in by March, 2009.
  3. Sell the house we are living in now by December 2008 . We’re getting our old house ready to sell. I bought the paint to touch up the front door,  cleaned the flower beds, planted some new flowers,washed the roof, and we’re fixing all of those little wear and tear things inside that we’ve let slide over the past 6 years.
  4. Be accepted into the rest of the art shows I have applied to for 2008  I did get into most of the shows I applied for in 2008!
  5. Meet my sales goals for 2008 I exceeded my sales goals – what a surprise, especially in view of all the doom and gloom on the news.
  6. Finish re-writing my book, Go Anyway, A Memoir, by March 2008 Oh, man, this one really didn’t happen. I barely worked on the re-writing at all. On a positive note, I did re-write 8 of the 30 odd chapters, so at least something got done on it.
  7. Publish my book Go Anyway before the end of 2008  This didn’t exactly happen either, but Chapter One was published in the Round Top Register, and got a lot of favorable response.
  8. Fix the hot tub so that it works, and I can enjoy using it everyday. Yes, yes, thank you Jim for doing this. Love my soaks in the hot tub. Helps my disposition, and my sometimes aching back.
  9. Have  daily quiet time with Jim Well, maybe we didn’t have a daily quiet time, but we did manage several times a week.
  10. Do one thing every week  day just for me I really slacked off on being good to myself. I did read and work through The Artists Way, and on most days wrote my morning pages. I should have left the goal as weekly, which I mostly managed.
  11. Visit Marfa, Texas  Yes, it was great – see this post.
  12. Go on a vacation in a warm place with a beach and nice water for swimming Didn’t even get close, other than downloading the papers to renew our expired passports.
  13. Maintain my weight at 125 pounds Today I am up to 127 – generally I hovered at 125 all year.
  14. Develop one new successful venue for selling my lampwork creations. Hey, yeah, my jewelry is now selling through the Asher Gallery at the Houston Center for Contemporary Crafts.
  15. Make 75 beads that I am happy with each week. Yes I did. Here are some of them. glass beads
  16. Create 10 items of jewelry that I am satisfied with each week  Yes, I did.
  17. Take at least one entire afternoon each week off work to do something totally unrelated to lampworking and jewelry making. I didn’t manage this one. Maybe once every month or so. I’m close to being a work-a holic. This relates to #10. I know I need to care for myself more and/or better.
  18. Each week tell someone in my life that I love them, and thank you Hmm -difficult to assess. I know I did express my love more frequently to some of the dear people in my life.I intend to renew this goal for 2009.
  19. Tell Jim every day thank you, and that I love him  Yes I did
  20. Double the amount of money we have in savings. Nope, unless you count some of the value of our new home as “savings” – oh, can’t cheat, that’s not what I meant, so the answer is it didn’t happen.
  21. Plant a vegetable garden. Yes I did, although some type of greedy insect ate more squash than we did!
  22. Plant a flower garden. Yes, and my flowers were brilliant, especially the zinnys!
  23. Landscape our new house. We started on New Years Eve – does that count?. Our friend Chris Berg , a landscape designer from Oakland, Ca. flew out for a working vacation. He’s done a fabulous job. Thank you, Chris. We’ll plant soon. build house
  24. Build and put up a bat house. Jim did this one
  25. Win a contest I didn’t win an actual contest, but I did get several awards for my lampworking
  26. Play scrabble with my sister once a month Once a month didn’t happen, but we did start an on-going Scrabble tournament, turned it into a pot-luck dinner evening, and have been enjoying this one fairly frequently. The three of us are only about 75 points apart on the overall score, so we’re evenly matched and will continue playing.
  27. Learn something new I learned how to play Sudoku, and taught myself a new beadmaking technique from a tutorial I bought.

Overall, a lot of my goals were accomplished. Jim and I will sit down soon, and envision 2009. Belated New’s Years joy and prosperity to all who are in my world!

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