Aurora Borealis Necklace

The Bardominium is Almost Finished!

by Lyn Foley on January 24, 2009

Almost a year ago we signed a contract with a builder to construct us a metal barn. The time since then has included both excitement and anxiety. But this morning we did the “Punch-out” walk through with the builder, Jason Hahn. After Jason finishes some tiny details Monday morning, the house and barn exterior structures will be complete – at last. Meanwhile, the interior of the house is about 70% done as well. The cabinet maker has framed most of the cabinets, the plumbing is hooked up, the septic done, the wiring is in and waiting, the ac/heat crew  are only holding back for the painter, who will be working as soon as the interior doors and trim are done. Our general contractor, Rudy Engstrom is doing a great job managing all of it.

I’ve been biting my nails, because of course almost everything has cost more than we expected. It will be a wonderful house, and we will make it through this (my manta – we will make it through this, we will, really) with enough money to pay everyone AND get the kitchen counter I want (silestone).

Lampworking has fallen by the wayside though, since most every morning I’m up at the house site checking on details. I’d planned to enter a contest being put on by the International Society of Glass Beadmakers and Bead and Button magazine, but just don’t think I can get it together by February 1st, and keep all the house bits and pieces juggling as well.

In spite of all distractions from my own job, I have managed to create one spectacular necklace recently.

During our sail from Seward to Yakutat, Alaska both of us sat out in the cold windy cockpit almost one full night spellbound by an Aurora Borealis. For some reason I remembered that night while sitting at the torch, and did the best I could to capture in some beads the flash of those incredible lights  reflecting along with the starlight on the smokey, cold, gray green waters of the Gulf of Alaska. Here’s result —————


Aurora Borealis Necklace

Aurora Borealis Necklace

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