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What Day is It?

by Lyn Foley on June 19, 2009

An indication of how busy I am/have been is that I didn’t know it was Friday until I sat down with Jim a few minutes ago to watch T.V. and saw the date on the screen. On well, I’ve only been moving into my new house (!), going to a show in Dallas, cleaning up our old house to “stage” it for sale, watering all the plants in this heat (100 plus!!!!!!!), making beads, making jewelry, packing and unpacking, setting up my new torch station, cuddling my cat who doesn’t like to move, weeding out too many p0ssessions, making jewelry, taking care of Jim who also doesn’t like to move, winning awards (yes, several), writing chapter three for the Round Top Register, and sometimes, rarely, sleeping and eating.


So, we are in the bardominium, and somewhat settled. It is WONDERFUL!! We love it . Roomy, and more. Beautiful, and more. Of course, though, we can’t remember what drawer the knives and forks are in, and where is the screwdriver when we need it to hang pictures? We are , however,settling in fast, in spite of leaving our brand new home to go to Dallas for five days. Our poor kitty Chica mewls and cries, letting us know that she feels lost too. Tonight for the first time we all three sat down in front of the new big screen T.V. with  Chica on my legs, her favorite spot. I finally relaxed  and I noticed the date.  It’s Friday. What happened to Thursday? I have no idea.

Anyway, way back in April at the Fayetteville Art Walk I was awarded first place for jewelry. How great is that?! I quickly got ready for the Texas Arts and Crafts Festival in May, all the while still working on the new house. So then I won “Best In Glass” at TACEF!! Wow again. Home we came and moved from the 29th of May to the 2nd of June. I lost a lot of torch time while we figured out my new setup, and got it back up and running just in time to make beads for City Arts in Dallas.

The brutal heat knocked us out in Dallas. In spite of dripping and sweating, we and the poor dedicated customers made it through. And I WON AGAIN! Some kind of wonderful – Best in Glass.So now “Miss I Got Some Kudos” is back home in her wonderful new studio, sorting out glass,making beads, and preening her nest.

I will set you up some photos soon. I know pictures are better than wordy windy words. But just had to let you know we are here, fine, well and cooking those beads with propane.

blue glass necklace

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Barbara Lewis June 20, 2009 at 5:41 am

Lynn: When you're up to it, please share some pictures of your new space. Would love to see it. And, congratulations on "winning" yet another award. Love your work.

Lyn Foley June 20, 2009 at 10:55 am

Thank you Barbara;

I'll be putting up some photos soon.


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