Life Jogs Along – Swiftly!!

by Lyn Foley on November 30, 2009

O.K. So, I haven’t posted recently. Forgive Me. After all, Jim survived a BAD VIRUS – not the H1N1!. However. Just as bad for him, as it gave him vertigo. Yes. Already he has bad balance due to P.D., and then he was struck with a virus in his inner ear.


Well, all is well that ends well.After 6 weeks of staying at home to protect him and others (and me) we are out and about. He is driving again, I am (somewhat) relaxed, and life is almost back to P.D normal around the Foley household.

Big news: I  hired a web designer to re-do my website!! I am so excited,and will keep you informed as progress is made. Meanwhile, check out my new web designer here: jR customization

I’ve been filling orders, getting ready for a Thanksgiving show (Fredericksburg), and keeping up with the stock for my two galleries. (I couldn’t get this posted – however, maybe today it will work. We did go to Fredericksburg, and in spite of rather slow traffic had a nice show.)

Also, (I will blog about this later) we drove down to Houston to a special Bayou City Art Festival jury preview. We looked at 1300 entry (I am not kidding) slides from artists who applied to the spring Bayou City show. What an education!!

So, my slides, well, to put it mildly, sucked. Sorry. I did not know.

And now I do.

Better luck to me next time. I will upgrade my photos, including my booth shot. Live and learn.

So, for now, a little bit of what I have been up to between the virus and the bad slides.

green necklace

colorful necklace

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