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Rejection Equals Determination

by Lyn Foley on November 22, 2009

Rejection Equals Determination, Part Two;

I’ve been having a difficult time getting accepted into the very best shows. I’m STILL having trouble getting into the shows I want. It’s especially frustrating, because once I do get into shows, more often than not I win prizes, such as Best of Category, or Judges Choice, whatever. So I know from my sales, and from the awards I win that my work is good.

So, what’s with the rejections? I found out one answer yesterday — my jury slides.

Bayou City Art Festival, held in Houston twice a year is one of the top rated art festivals in the U.S. I have been in that show eight times. Then, suddenly, I was not juried into either of the Bayou shows for 2009, neither spring or fall. Why not? I couldn’t figure it out. So when the show staff invited artists to attend an informal jury preview, I jumped at the chance. Jim and I drove down to Houston and along with the other artists who showed up , looked at the digital slides of over 1300 artists who applied for one of the 300 booth spaces.

My slides looked AWFUL when projected side by side in large format. They were washed out, didn’t seem perfectly focused, and the flow from slide to slide was not good. Also, the slide of my booth, which I hadn’t paid much attention to, looked awful as well. Everything looked especially bad compared to the other 250+ jewelry entries. No wonder I haven’t been getting accepted. I need better photos.

Another thing I noticed was the fact that most of the artwork was photographed on a full black background. Sometimes a gradient gray to black was used, but generally black was the background of choice. My pieces were on a white to gray scale background, and they didn’t “pop” like the other work did. They suffered in comparison.

So, it’s back to the photography workshop for me. Since I realize the importance of a good booth shot, I’ll redo that too. No more show entries until I get this problem solved. I’m determined.

Today I took a quick “re-do” photo of one of my pieces, previously photographed on white.
Here’s the comparison.
Green and Gold Necklace

green and gold necklace
What do you think?
Does the black background work to make the jewelry pop out?

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jerry November 26, 2009 at 6:11 am

Decisions, decisions, decisions – I like them both but I feel as if the white background makes the colors pop out !
- jr

Jo Jahnz December 16, 2009 at 8:43 am

I think you nailed it the black looks specatular.

I love this piece.

Lyn Foley December 16, 2009 at 10:39 am

Thanks for the votes. I’m working on more photos now. See next December post!

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