Jim at workbench

Greetings and Happy New Year!

by Lyn Foley on December 25, 2009

Jim and I are notorious for our late New Years Greetings – one notable year our message arrived on Valentines Day. Look at me now – five days early! I wrote the letter yesterday (not mailed yet, as this is Christmas Day). So, for all of you who follow my intermittent blog, I have posted a copy of my newsletter here, and add you to the list of “Family and Friends”. Blessings to you as well.

Dear Family and Friends,

It’s Christmas Eve Day, 2009, and snow is forecast here in Round Top. That, and the fact that I am not at the torch making glass beads makes today unusual.

As I type at the computer, Jim sits at his workbench pounding away on a piece of silver jewelry he is forging. We are both enjoying our fabulous workshop/ studio in our new barndominium, which we moved into in June after a long planning and building period. (I’ve just about learned which switch turns on what group of lights.) We love our larger space, our generous well designed studio, and all the glass throughout the house that affords us views of fields, oak and cedar forests, and wildlife. Our 20 acres is home to deer, red fox, bobcats, possum, raccoons, and armadillos. We love to grab our binoculars to watch them. Many bird species travel through as well, including roadrunners and wild turkeys.,

Jim at Work Bench

Jim at his workbench

Our old house, the one we built six years ago is for sale. Not good timing I suppose as far as the press goes on the economy, however, lots of potential customers have looked at it, and we know it will sell soon.

When we are not in our studio creating jewelry, we are most likely out selling it. (This newsletter sounds similar to last years. Well, not much has changed.) We drove across Texas and New Mexico to assorted shows, and used the Internet and the galleries that we supply with jewelry to boost our sales as well. I was awarded three Best of Category in Glass, and one Best of Category in Jewelry. I also won an honorable mention in Bead Star 2009, a national magazine on the stands now. (The winners were voted on by over 26,000 bead lovers across the U.S.A. – sort of an American Idol for jewelry designers).

Jim gets kudos as Best Supporting Actor for all the work he puts into the entire process. Parkinson’s has slowed him down a bit more this year though, and a nasty virus he battled for over six weeks gave him vertigo. Not easy for a guy whose balance is already compromised. He beat the virus though, and has rejoined me in a daily routine of walking two miles each morning.

Chica, the cat who lounges in the warm bead studio, is still with us. She’s eleven years old now – that is a venerable 60 year old in human terms. Well, Jim and I are not jumping as high as we used to either. I am planning my “Welcome to Medicare and Social Security” party in January. That said, our point of view is young, our love of life is huge, and we welcome another year on the planet. Jim and I wish the same joy of living for you, and send you love and blessings.

Happy New Year!

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