Welcome to my redesigned Web Site!

by Lyn Foley on December 7, 2009

Thanks to Jerry Roek I have a wonderful fresh, clean and clear redesigned site. It has been a challenge, however Jerry made it (almost) painless. Now there are “Buy” buttons on my jewelry instead of that cumbersome “e-mail me if you like this” process. The type styles all match, the colors match, and it is so easy to sign up for my e-mail newsletters (or not, if you don’t want them). I’m having a bit of a learning curve on some of the features. Perhaps I’ll even be twittering someday soon. The entire idea is to make it easier for me to sell from home, and easier for you, dear reader, customer, and jewelry lover, to find me and purchase my wonderful (well, I do say so my self) jewelry.

I so love making jewelry, but I do have to keep selling it in order to be able to keep making it,so the process is  a circle you see. The new website design should facilitate the circle.

Anyway, I’m rather wiped out after two shows in a row, working on the website in between the cracks of the shows, and taking care of “normal” P.D. life with Jim. He’s rocking along, over the virus, however, sticking close to home in all this sniffle inducing weather. We even had SNOW in Round Top last Friday! (And Texans that I know just do not get along with snow.)

So, I’m off for a break. Enjoy the new site, and look at the previous post for some info about the BEAD STAR honors I recently received.  And here’ s photo of something I’m working on for jury slides.

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