Luna Park Necklace

Inspiration: “Luna Park” by Vestie Davis

by Lyn Foley on February 12, 2010

Luna Park by Vestie Davis

Luna Park by Vestie Davis

I still haven’t finished looking at all the Bead Soup websites. Have you? My post and info about what I made  for the  Bead Soup Party is here.  Meanwhile, I have been working on yet another challenge – The Art Bead Scene challenge for February based on a painting entitled “Luna Park” by Vestie Davis. Read the ABS challenge blog  here.  Garnering inspiration from this painting really did challenge  me, since I don’t like the paintings’ colors, don’t like the paintings’ style of painting, in fact, just plain don’t like it. How negative is that?  Hey, that’s the challenge part of it, eh? So, scratching my head, I blinked at those pinwheel things in the center, and thought “Murrini.”

Yep, murrini, those little intricate jewels that we lampworkers make by combining lots of colors of glass together into patterns, then pull out into a smaller glass cane. Afterwards, we chop the cane into little bits, and melt the bits into a bead.  I forgot to take pictures of the murrini I made in Luna Park colors, however, here is a picture of other murrini I made  and is leftover from other projects. You’ll get the idea. So, anyway, I made murrini in  Luna Park colors, and was off and running.



I made some hollow and flats beads, applied the murrini, and added decorations in other colors from the painting. Made some solid color beads.  After all the beads were annealed, cooled, and cleaned, I strung a long necklace using them.

Bingo – a winner. All inspired by something I initally didn’t think was inspiring. How’s that for fun? ( and Luna Park does look like a fun place, I admit).

Here is the February Art Bead Scene challenge necklace I made -entitled, what else, “Luna Park Necklace.” Look closely and you’ll see the pinwheel murrinis. Enjoy!


Luna Park Inspiration Necklace

Long Necklace Inspired by the painting “Luna Park”

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Cindy February 12, 2010 at 3:37 pm

OH!OH!OH! This is SOOOO beautiful!!! Just love your new murini beads… What a wonderful take on “Luna Park”.. I’d wear this one with everything (all the time!)

Lyn Foley February 12, 2010 at 3:46 pm

Thank you Cindy – I was really happy to discover some new color combos – who knew?

diane cook February 13, 2010 at 8:58 am

Beautiful work AND beads Lyn!

Lori Anderson February 13, 2010 at 4:32 pm

LOVE it! I’m trying to decide if I even have the energy to enter!

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