texas arts and crafts fair

On The Road Again

by Lyn Foley on May 15, 2010


texas arts and crafts fair

We’ve recently returned from Dallas, and are now looking forwardto our next show, the Texas Arts and Crafts Fair in Kerrville. I took a much needed break yesterday, catching up on grocery shopping, house cleaning, reading, etc. And good grief, I needed it too, since as I walked back in the front door, my arms full of groceries, a scorpion struck! OWW, did that hurt. It stung me right on my ankle. I kicked off my sandals, killed the culprit, only to discover through out the rest of the afternoon, 7, yes SEVEN, more of the nasty creatures. They must have¬† a nest right by our front door, and they seem to be sneaking in through a little gap in the weather stripping. Got to fix that!

Well, life in Texas I suppose – yet we have never had this type of invsion before. I am cautiously checking everywhere I walk, especially since I pad around barefooted.

My sketchbook is overflowing with ideas. I’ll be back on the torch today – and if I can just get those scorpions out of my mind ……………….

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Cindy May 15, 2010 at 9:42 pm

WOW, Lyn…what a story, to be bitten by a Scorpion! I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen one in real life, let along get stung by one! I’m sorry that happened to you…and I can’t blame you for being very cautious now! Wishing you the best preparing for your next big show!

Lori Anderson May 31, 2010 at 12:32 pm

Holy cow! When I lived in South America, we had to constantly sweep under the beds and couches to get them out, but I never got stung by one.

My oldest stepson, however, got bitten not once, but twice, but a black widow spider in auto shop class in high school while reaching into an engine or something — so now he is DEATHLY afraid of the tiniest bug. Can’t say I blame him!

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