Acquiring Patience

Acquiring Patience

by Lyn Foley on August 9, 2010

It’s been one week since my surgery, and I am thankful to say I am much improved. The swelling has gone down around my eyes. I can see again – yes! Enough to be able to read, watch t.v. and work a bit on the computer. Yesterday I even made jewelry at my bead board for a little while. The incision/stitches wander from my nose between my eyebrows, up to my hairline in the middle of my forehead. Not a lovely sight, and the problem presented now is one of glasses. I wear reading glasses to read, “regular” glasses to drive or watch t.v., and  special prescription protective didymium glasses for lampworking. The swelling, pain, etc. in the area along the bridge of my nose is not dimished enough to wear the didymium glasses. So, no  lampworking.

I’m learning a new brand of patience. Many times people say to me when they hear I am a lampworker, “Oh, I could never do that – it would take so much patience!” Well, perhaps. I can’t say, since for me lampworking is  (mostly) pure joy in the process. I love what I do – love choosing the colors of the rods, love the zen trance like state I get into when I work, love the satisfaction of making what I consider a well executed bead, and especially love opening the kiln the next morning to see the goodies I have created.

As I talked with my sister about  how anxious I am to get back to the torch, and making beads, she  said. “Be patient. Remember what Daddy used to say to us,’We are acquiring patience.’ “  So I need to master the patience required to live through not being able to make beads. Seems I have already mastered the other kind, he he!

No new beads this week, only a photo of a  necklace I made prior to my week of acquiring patience.


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