Septemberfest in Texas

Preparing for Septemberfest in Midland, Texas

by Lyn Foley on August 25, 2010

Having skin cancer slowed me down a bit, and I missed the last show I was supposed to attend in Austin. I was looking forward to it too. Well, life happens while you’re making other plans. My face is healing steadily and by the time the Midland show rolls around on September 10th I shouldn’t look too much like the Bride of Frankenstein. I’m back to work full swing, and so not only do I have all the beads and jewelry I didn’t sell in Austin, I have even more (!!!) new jewlery. I’ll ply you with photos later.

Not much else going on at all, except working to save all our plants during this Texas heat wave. We get up around 6:30 am and  work in the two gardens until around 9 am, watering and weeding. Our “old” house, the wonderful octagonal nest we built when we first moved off the boat is surprisingly still for sale, so we go next door to take care of the flowers there first.  I know the economy excuses and etc. etc, however, really we just can’t figure out why this sweet house has not sold. So, anyway, the plants at the “old” house are thriving in spite of the heat, and the new ones we’ve planted in our zeriscape garden at our new house are too, thanks to our early rising diligence. It’s been hovering in the day to close to or over 100 degrees for it must be weeks now!

We built our new place mostly to accomodate Jim’s need for extra wide doorways and hallways – and my need (?) for a new studio. And we thought the original house was too perfect to remodel. It’s octagonal shape allowed us to nestle it into a lovely stand of oak trees, and we didn’t have to remove any of them to place it perfectly. Want to move to beautiful Round Top?  It’s not always this hot, promise. Check out the lisiting:

Oh, and here’s the Midland Septemberfest Poster.


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Keri September 20, 2010 at 7:30 pm

Just heard that you made it into the Bayou City Art Fest! So glad that I will have the opportunity to see your work again. It’s been too long! I will also be volunteering on load-in and load-out day, so hopefully, I will see you a couple of times. Congrats!

Lyn Foley September 21, 2010 at 5:24 am

Hi Keri;

Yes! It will be great to be showing in Houston again. I’m busy making new designs for the Bayou show, and a gallery show here in Round Top next week. I’ll send out postcard reminders soon. Will look for you!

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