Bayou City Art Festival

Antique Week and The Bayou City Art Festival

by Lyn Foley on September 27, 2010

Septemberfest in Midland was so successful for us that my blog hasn’t heard a peep out of me. I’ve been busy making beads and new jewelry. After Midland I had just a little over two weeks to get ready for my show at The Gallery of Round Top, which starts for me this coming Thursday, September 30th. Then Jim and I go to the Bayou City Art Festival  on the 9th of October. So, I’ve been at the torch everymorning, melting glass like a crazy woman. Each afternoon I create jewelry. So far today I photographed seventeen new necklaces! I’ll squeak a few more out if I can.

Jim has made a few new pieces as well. They still need to be polished, so no photographs of them yet.

Antique Week is in full swing here. Thousands of people are in and around our tiny town shopping for every type of treasure imaginable.  It is so tempting to drop everything and join the crowd – I can’t, I just can’t. (Sh! Don’t tell anyone, I did sneak away for about an hour and found some teriffic vintage metal beads – you’ll see them soon in a few necklaces along with my glass!) Otherwise, no news from me until after these two shows.

Bayou City

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Cindy September 28, 2010 at 6:24 am

Lyn, you are one busy lady! I read in your recent post that you had 17 new necklaces!!! WOW…for you that is a tremendous amount of work as you make your own beads – from start to finish. The jewelry you’ve been posting is just gorgeous.
I wish I could go to the Antique week…it would be a dream. Your vintage metal beads sound wonderful – so lucky to find those!

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