Quilted Inspiration

Quilted Inspiration

by Lyn Foley on November 9, 2010

The Huffhines (Dallas) show was just right – any more business and I might not have had enough stock, any less business, and I might have been disappointed.  As it was, we vendors had our challenges – tornadoes and rain. The rain all but closed the show on Saturday, and tornadoes were in the radar all around us. Jim and I dogged down our tent, put the jewelry away, bought some Italian take-out, and snugged down in our hotel room to wait it out. Luckily the storms blew on by, and Sunday the sun peeked out, as did the customers.

I finished up my custom orders, and now I’m at it again, getting ready for my last show of the year, The Rio Grande Arts and Crafts Festival Holiday Show in Albuquerque. It starts the Friday after Thanksgiving, and is held indoors (horay!) in an expo building at the State Fairgrounds.  I’ve got about 15 more days in which to make beads and jewelry, so I am torching every morning, and creating jewelry every afternoon.

Well, torching almost every day – I took a road trip Saturday with my sister and the local quilt guild. The guild rented a bus, planned the trip, and got our tickets to the Houston International Quilt Festival for us in advance. Going with the guild really made life easy and fun = no driving, no parking, no long walks just to get to the entrace to this humongus, fabulous show. What a feast of talent and inspiration. Photos were prohibited, so I don’t have any. I did come home with a few purchases  – some ribbons, a knitted vest/wrap/shawl garment, and a “kit” of preselected yarns formaking a sweater. I can hardly wait to dig into this scrumptious yard to  crochet something for myself after November.  Just can’t start that yet, got to keep working at my job (some job huh!? getting to make beads all day).

My head is swimming with  inspring visions and memories from what I saw at the quilt show. So I decided to make my own little quilt. I went outside yesterday, and snapped some photos  within a few feet of our front and back doors. The colors of fall in Round Top, Quilted Inspiration, right here at home. Quilted Inspiration

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