A Week to Remember

A Week to Remember

by Lyn Foley on March 24, 2011

Boy, this past week has been something. My book, Go Anyway: Sailing Around the World Despite Parkinson’s Disease was published! E-mail announcements went out, and it has been steadily selling. Thanks to all who bought a copy.

Meanwhile, over the weekend we were in Dallas for Artscape, a fine art show in the Dallas Arboretum.  The gardens were in full beautiful bloom, and the weather was perfect. We opened the gate of 2011 with many new designs, and they looked beautiful as well on the people who walked home wearing  them. Jim had a few medication issues, but hung in there, and managed to join me in the booth for a lot of the show. If you missed seeing him, he is recovering and doing well. Thanks also to the show staff who helped us make our way through the challenges Parkinson’s Disease presented during the weekend.

And speaking of glitches, oh, my gosh, my website has been full of them. Jerry and Adrienne, my behind the scenes website gurus, have been groaning (I know) over all my frantic e-mails. Something really crazy went on and there were days when even we couldn’t find www.LynFoley.com. Thank whatever little gremlins control the web that all is okay now. LynFoley.com is back up and all links are working. If you are inclined, go on over to www.GoAnyway.net to learn about my book, or even buy a copy.

I’ll have my first sale and book signing tomorrow here in Round Top, Texas, that tiny little city that goes nationwide twice a year. I set up my table today at Sterling McCalls Antique Venue and the flags of the 39 countries that we sailed to will fly behind me on the wall. Ah, memories. I’m kinda scared actually. Writing a book is very different than creating jewelry. Not that my heart and soul isn’t in my jewelry, it is. But somehow putting my life into words is much more personal. So, join me in welcoming my new creation to the world, and if you are anywhere nearby, come on over and meet me. I’ll be at Sterlings selling and signing my book tomorrow, Friday March 25th from 3-7, Saturday, March 26th,  9-6, and Sunday March 27th, 9-6.


P.S. That cover photo of our boat, Sanctuary, was taken in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean during our 24 day crossing from Florida to the Azore Islands. It was shot by folks on White Trillium, who were sailing back to the United Kingdom via the Azores. Thanks, guys – remember when?

Go Anyway

Click on the cover to go over to www.GoAnyway.net and buy my book

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