Making Jewelry

Making Jewelry for the Texas Arts and Crafts Festival

by Lyn Foley on May 15, 2011

My recent show schedule has been intense. Two weekends ago we were in Fayetteville at  Art Walk, and  last weekend we were in Dallas (Richardson) for the Cottonwood Art Festival. We applied to Cottonwood for six (!) years, and were finally juried into it. The show was fabulous. A beautiful park setting and the weather, except for some wind gusts, was perfect. We saw some old friends and customers, and met lots of new people as well. The good part – we sold a lot of jewelry- and the other part – my stock is depleted – adds up to more intense work ahead. In order to have  great new jewelry for our upcoming show in Kerrville – the Texas Arts and Crafts Festival – Jim and I are both working long hours. He’s on his bench pounding away making  silver settings, and I’m at the torch every day making beads as quickly as I can.

A two2 day show actually takes us six days. A day driving there, a day setting up, two days showing, a day driving home, and day six  for recuperating and doing paperwork, order assemby, etc.  But the time away from the torch and our benches sets our creative juices afire. The wonderful art we see  at the shows inspires us, as do the sights we see while driving and visiting cities so different from our tiny town. By the time I’m home my sketchbook is brimming with ideas. So some fun new jewelry will be coming to Kerrville.

Here’s the e-mail ad. I’ll give you a real sneak preview later after I take some photographs.

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