Whirling through November and December

Whirling through November and December

by Lyn Foley on December 11, 2011

Jim and I have been whirling through November and December, and today I am taking an entire well deserved day off!  Our last show of 2011 was two weeks ago, and since then we  finished our custom orders, and re-stocked The Gallery at Round Top with 33 pairs of earrings and 9 new necklaces. Thank you to customers old and new who  contributed  to a successful year of business for us. Without you, we  would be nothing.

In the midst of our whirlwind we joined a group of Round Top friends in a fun fitness plan – The Game On Diet. The plan is really challenging, and involves more than dieting – but at the same time is FUN! Jim lost 9 pounds in 4 weeks, and I lost almost 7.  The rule of eating 5 “meals’ a day was the most difficult – well, maybe the 3 liters of water per day tied. Anyway, while we were travelling both rules gave me  fits. We persevered though, and the “Round Top Rowdies” won the game, and are donating our prize of $165 to the local animal shelter – Pounds lost by the group are gone for a good cause. I am taking a day off from the diet today as well – so there —

Meanwhile, our dear cat Chica (who sailed half-way around the world with us) was losing weight too, for no reason the vet could find. We took her back and forth several times to town to be checked (she hates the cat carrier). After a lot of testing, weighing, etc. a new vet found the cause of her loss of apetite – arthritis! Chica has gained back one of her lost pounds, and is doing well again.  So glad she will be with us longer.

What else? I think my brain is on vacation today too. I read a post lately about how to make a blog successful, and one of the tips said to “focus on your audience.” Sometimes it seems like I don’t even have an aucience, and I’m so sporadic about posting that I probably lose readers due to inattention. When I started this blog a few years back I called it “Reflections” and led into it with this thought:

“reflections: the returns of light or sound waves from a surface…….| I am a glass artist… I take this opportunity to look at my life, my journey as an artist, and the road ahead. | reflections”

Journeys include rest stops = I’ll take one today.


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