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Lampworking -A day in the life of…..

by Lyn Foley on November 8, 2012

I am a glass artist, aka “Lampworker.” I make glass beads most every day.  November 6th we were up bright and early at 6:30 and after coffee, completed a few quick stretches.  Tuesday was Election Day, so instead of taking our daily walk, we drove to the heart of Round Top to vote. Big line – 4 people ahead of us. Oh, the joys of very small town life! (97 in the city limits)

Quick as a flash we were home again, and I started my work day. I took Monday’s 20 beads out of the kiln. (They annealed from Monday afternoon until the heat was ramped down to room temp by Tuesday morning.) The beads looked dusty and dirty from the bead release and the kiln insulation grunge.

After cleaning off the bead release I examined them to see if I liked the results. Yes – the hollows made me happy and will be part of of a set of ”facets,” a new style bead you and I are both loving. I need more, more more. I also liked the opaque facets with dots. The “squeezed” spacers may end up with the facets, then again, maybe not. We’ll see.

After breakfast and a talk with our cat Chica (who knows a good sunny spot when she sees it), I started making Tuesday’s beads. The kiln and torch were ready,so I choose my colors and melted glass into beads from around 9:30 to 1:30.  

Paperwork time took over after lunch. Paying bills and signing sold jewelry out of inventory and off the website claimed me most of the afternoon. I could only take so much paperwork, so switching over to my bead board to create a new necklace using earlier beads made me happier. At 4:30 with 21 newly made beads annealing in the kiln,  I declared it a workday.

Jim, who spent his day finishing a silver necklace quit work too, and we went outside to relax in our hot tub and enjoy the winding down of a beautiful fall day.

I’m preparing for a show in El Paso, Texas “Las Artistas.” Come back to the blog in a few days to see what I make for that show with the beads from  “A day in the life of a Lampworker.” Meanwhile, lots of goodies on the site. Enjoy!


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