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Edom Art Festival October 18,19,2014

by Lyn Foley on October 5, 2014

A year has flown by since the last Edom Art Festival - which I missed due to open heart surgery. I am so thankful to be here (as in on-the-planet), and will attend the show, healthy and ready to share my new joyous creations.

I’ve taken to heart lessons learned due to that major event in my life: I allow more time for myself and my dear husband and wonderful friends. So in 2014 I enjoyed more outings with family and friends, Jim and I took a real vacation for the first time in 3 years, I relaxed around home more, and I also began crocheting and knitting again (see my new shop Yarn Safari here.) I also now limit and carefully choose the Art Festivals I attend.

:: The show must be an easy drive, must have an easy set-up, must be a quality venue I myself would love to visit as an art buyer, must have loveable show staff and must have reasonable show hours and a good clientele. The Edom Art Festival fulfills all my “must haves”!

:: One last criteria I set for myself: I will take more time to simply play with glass, to create what I love. Therefore I am still creating and loving hollow beads, wire scribbles, easy to wear long necklaces, and my ruffled flower disks. The African beads I appraised last year just before my heart “event” are also on my list of loves, so I continue to use many of them along aside my glass. Come see what I have been up to – and find a piece you love too!

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