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What Color Are Your Eyes?

by Lyn Foley on October 22, 2014

The Edom Art Festival was a success – good weather, good sales, and safe travels. During the show I noticed something about a few new customers I met: They were unaware of how certain colors of jewelry (in particular, glass jewelry) enhanced their eyes. I have known this for years. I often offer a certain piece of jewelry to a specific customer just because I know it will look good on them, especially because of their eyes!

Glass reflects (changes the direction of, or throws back) and refracts (bends or distracts from a straight path) light. My glass jewelry bounces and causes light to dance, reflect and refract – and brings that light from your neck up to your face. If you wear a glass bead necklace with colors complementary to your eyes, your eyes will sparkle. You will be a more enhanced, more beautiful you.

Many times when someone puts on one of my necklaces, especially for the first time, and looks in the mirror, they smile. Their demeanor lightens, they beam, and tell me how happy they feel. This beautiful ability of glass to break up the light and bring it back to you, to your face and your eyes works like magic.

Many factors influence your choice of jewelry. Here, however, are examples of what to look for in one of my glass necklaces depending on your eye color:
Are your eyes blue? Blue beads will enhance and deepen your eye color. Better yet, surprise yourself with beads in brown, one of the complements of blue. The complementary color, in this case, brown, for blue eyes, will bring out a sparkle you may not have seen before.

Are your eyes green? Green beads are a safe choice. Red, however,a color you may have avoided, will be a jazzy complement to your eyes. The beads don’t have to be Christmas red. Oranges, or even wine reds will add special sparkle to your face. The following necklace would set off your green eyes:

Brown eyes? By now you’ve guessed it – wear blue beads, the complement of brown, to set off those wonderful eyes of yours. Here is an example:

Are your eyes hazel, or another unusual color? Choose a mixture of glass bead colors, choosing hues you like best with your skin tones. Bubble beads in a muted rainbow of colors will be just the complement for your special eyes.

Most of the necklaces on this page have been sold. I’ll be thrilled to design the jewelry you want. Just e-mail me. I’ll make something for your eyes only!

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liz October 26, 2014 at 6:03 pm

I have been seeing more and more of your glass work around Brenham/Chappell Hill. I have always been able to recognize your work, but I am enjoying it now more than ever.

Lyn Foley October 28, 2014 at 7:44 am

Thanks, Liz

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