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Where will you be during Antique Week? Round Top?

by Lyn Foley on March 11, 2016

Antique Week, that famous heart stopping show, will be starting soon in my tiny town of Round Top. Will you be one of the thousands that attends? If so, and especially if you are an Antiques Week virgin, here’s a great link that will help guide you through. Look at their maps and info. Trust me, newbies will need a guide. Even old timers, like me and others who actually live here, still sometimes need guides!.

I’ll be setting up all of my jewelry in the Gallery at Round Top on March 23rd. So, if you come by after lunch on Wednesday you might catch me there. (Early birds will get the best selection of what I have to offer.) I have been making jewelry for the spring/summer season since way back in December of 2015, so have lots of new jewelry. The jewelry itself will be in the gallery until April 2nd, and I will personally be there on Saturday March 25 and Saturday April 1st.   E-mail me (see below) if you want to see meet me at the Gallery on any other day.

Here is a recent necklace:


The gallery show is  a very good time to see all of my jewelry, because …..  I am slowing way down on shows. As you know, my dear husband and partner in jewelry work has Parkinson’s disease. Time and the disease have marched on since last year, and Jim and I are not going to be able to travel as much as in  the past. It was necessary for me to cancel going to a New Mexico show in March. I will have to see  if Jim can participate in any future shows far from home. It is not a good idea to leave him home alone, so lots of  Lyn Foley jewelry plans are being revised.

One of the new plans under construction: An updated, revised and better to serve you website!  I’ll be offering a spanking new collection called Summer Safari at the end of March. It will probably only be available on the web, so watch my posts to learn more about it as I fine tune the details. Here’s a peek at some of the beads I’ve been making for the Sumer Safari collection.


Aren’t those beads just luscious?  I am in love with them, and the neutral colors will go with so much. I can picture you in your summer linens and just the right touch of my jewelry to make you sparkle.

Leave me some comments below so I know what you’re wishing for this summer.

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