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What do you think of The Safari Collection?

by Lyn Foley on June 3, 2016

The new web site is in full swing, and my new Safari Collection is up. There are 15 necklaces and 19 pairs of earrings. Style range from my classic bubble necklaces to seed pods, flowers, and pendants. The earrings are perfect to match with the necklaces, or are great just to wear alone.

The inspiration for this collection was (rather obviously) an African Safari – photo shoot only, of course. Animal print beads are so fun to make. I especially like the zebra beads. Two of the zebra necklaces are a surprise, one in purples and ivory, and the other I call “The Fashionable Zebra” has an assortment of other colors with black stripes. This zebra is ready to party!

The Fashionable Zebra Necklace  I also played on the theme of the movie “The African Queen” and used things from the movie to name each necklace. See if you can spot my inspiration sources.

Here’s a short video to introduce the collection. Love to hear what you think.

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